Programme and Monitoring

  • Responsible for coordinating with the divisions and departments of the SCERTs and also with all the concerned state and national level agencies
  • Responsible for Annual Work Plan of the SCERTs coordinating with all the divisions and departments
  • Building capacity of the faculty members and providing continuous support on programme planning and implementation aspects
  • Coordinating all kinds of exams collaborating with Division of Educational Survey, Research and Assessment
  • Responsible for monitoring of all the programmes conducted by the SCERTs.

In view of getting support for the administrative work, which this division is expected to do, coordination and assistance for capacity-building activities across various stakeholders, provide event planning and management support specifically for trainings, such as finalising venues, planning logistics, ensuring facilities during event, managing registration and attendees, refreshments, vendor contracts and payments etc. a separate Programme Implementation Unit with technical staff that assists with administrative tasks mentioned above need to be attached with this Division. The structure of this unit is proposed below:


me of Division/ Department Total Technical Staff Details
Programme Implementation Unit  (PIU) within the Division of Programme and Monitoring 4 Staff: This will work under Division of Programme and Monitoring

  • 2 staffs for In-service training implementation
  • 1 staff to support Head, DIPM in the preparation of annual SCERT work plan, annual report, monitor progress, conducts PAC meeting etc.
  • 1 staff in-charge of Training MIS (System Analyst)


  HOD: Smt. Manu Sharma, Lecturer